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Announcing Body: A Disruption from TEDxUCLWomen

Delighted to announce my new project – Body: A Disruption by TEDxUCLWomen

Body: A Disruption is our first event of the year, an interactive and inclusive night all about challenging society’s notions about bodies and inviting you to see the body in new ways.

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Body: A Disruption takes place Friday 28 Sept @ 19.00 in IOE, 20 Bedford Way. Tickets £7 cash on the door to hear 4 trailblazers discuss what Body means to us in the modern world. Contributors to be announced soon!

Our bodies are how we present ourselves to the world, and the medium through which we experience the world. For some they are pure utility, mechanical beings, functional objects with which we perform actions consciously or unconsciously. For others they are a means of expression, inextricably tied to our personality, a performative feature. For others still they are restrictive, a challenge, struggle with, to manage. Our bodies are our own but not our own, they are society’s, they are culture’s, they are media’s, they are our friends’ and families’, our lover’s and our abuser’s.

Our experience of our bodies is changing, but so too is our understanding. Be a part of the disruption.

Image by Minju Kimm

By Shauna Blanchfield

Events Coordinator and Prodigal Painter based in South East London.

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