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Not Necessarily Naughty, Launches Tomorrow!

Hi lovely internet people.

Not Necessarily Naughty opens tomorrow July 2nd in Rua Red, Tallaght @3pm.

It is a show concerning “a questioning of the impression that social media, illusive beauty standards, and collective societal thinking are having on young people”.

Myself, 6 other curators, 1 facilitator and 4 fantastic artists have been working on putting together a fresh, provocative and ultimately pretty damn fun show in one of Ireland finest council arts centres for 4 months.

I’m dying to share some pictures of the work, but I think that cheating so instead enjoy our Facebook event page and dream about the lovely naughty cocktails were preparing for the opening. x

Big shout out to Andy Parsons, our facilitator and Rua Red, our long-suffering sponsors for making this happen.

Facilitator: Andy Parsons

Nessa Finnegan
Sophie Carroll Hunt
Nicola Horner
Sofia Mikhaylova

Roisin White
Ellen Redmond
Edana Gorham
Orla McGovern
Chiara Pizzi
Karl Graham
Shauna Blanchfield


The Echo - NNN

By Shauna Blanchfield

Events Coordinator and Prodigal Painter based in South East London.

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