Memory Maypole


Memory Maypole finally premiered at Main Stage at Body & Soul. Big thank to Suzie Sweeney, Conleth Blanchfield (Jr) and the site crew for saving us! After a whole load of nightmares and near panic attacks our saviours got our pride and joy up and rocking!

Highlight of Body & Soul was two little sweethearts, 4 & 8 years old battled through the mud to help us in our Maypole Dance!

The B&S audience added some beautiful memories to Gigi, big love out to the donators of our handmade bracelet, glow-sticks, dance, dance, dance note and session polaroid!

Big thank you too to Tara Blanchfield and Ali Deegan for joining our crew at B&S and calming us down when the shakes come on.

Now! On to bigger and better things, Memory Maypole is coming to another festival near you very soon, keep an eye out and we’ll drop our big news soon.


Whimsy & EYE


By Shauna Blanchfield

Events Coordinator and Prodigal Painter based in South East London.

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